“When my son was 20 he told me that he wanted to quit his college baseball team for lack of interest.  I knew better.  I knew that he had been in a months-long “slump”, each disappointing performance crashing into the one before it like cars on a foggy highway.  He was mentally defeated and fear of letting down his teammates had overtaken the love he had for the game.  I called Brenda Cordle.  I knew that she had the training, skills, compassion, and insight to get “into” the head of an athlete and remove the mental roadblocks.  My son met with Brenda for several weeks.  To be honest, I don’t know the details of what was said and uncovered, practiced and re-learned.  All I know is that he went back to the game with a fearless passion that carried him through his college career. He loved the game again and graduated with confidence not only in his baseball skills but with an understanding of how to overcome the multitude of challenges he may face in the future.  I am forever grateful for Brenda for committing herself to helping my son get past the fears that crippled his baseball career and, ultimately, could have held him back in the bigger game of life.”

~ Kathy Greenzalis


“Before I started my journey with Brenda, my anxiety attacks had reached the point I could no longer drive my car. I even had to quit my job. However, with the help of Brenda and EFT I was able to get to the root of my issue, get back into my normal routine, and even stretch forward toward my goals. It has given me the tools to handle my anxiety in a productive way. I am so very grateful for Brenda’s help.”

~ Blake Wallace, Age 23


“In the spring of 2015, I was dealing with overwhelming performance anxiety that affected my mind and body while doing something I loved dearly—playing the game of baseball. Every day was a mental drain, and baseball was no longer my escape. Rather, it became my daily nightmare. I was no longer able to do one of the simplest tasks in the sport, throwing the ball. I chose not to play baseball my sophomore year of college because of an “arm injury.” No one knew the real reason. I met with a sports psychologist known for helping people with my issue, but it was not successful and left me feeling worse. By the time I met Brenda Cordle, I was ready to walk away from the sport. After several sessions, she was able to help me get to the core of the problem. Years of pent up emotion all came out in one meeting. That day would change my life forever. Further sessions with Brenda got me to the point that there was no grip remaining at all.  All the anxiety, all the pent-up emotions, all the hate for baseball was gone. I went on to play baseball again and excelled in the sport. Brenda gave me back the game of baseball, but more importantly, she gave me my life back. She helped me regain a healthy mind and body and revitalized the energy and spirit I once had. She collected the pieces of the broken frame I brought to her and helped me rebuild myself stronger than I was before. She truly changed my life!”

~ Christian Chiero


 jeff_tooley“I had been working on reaching a double-under jump rope goal for about 6 months. Each time I would get close, I could feel myself tensing up. After Brenda’s workshop at our CrossFit gym, I decided to try using the EFT technique.  It worked!  I reached my goal just one week later.”

~ Jeff Tooley, Big Thompson CrossFit, Loveland, CO


“The difference in the way I competed before working with Brenda after was likeTroy002 night and day. Before learning these techniques, I always skated better in practice than when I was competing. After learning them, I was finally able to skate well in competition and achieve my goals for the season.”

~ Megan C., Age 16