Hi, I’m Brenda Cordle. I teach people skills for overcoming performance anxiety and coach them as they master those skills. Here’s my backstory.

It has been over 10 years since the topic of anxiety surfaced in our family. My oldest daughter began to experience anxiety in middle school, and by the time she entered high school she dealt with it on a regular basis. As one with a leaning toward natural medicine, I was resistant to put her on medication without a lot of research and effort to find alternatives. For the record, I am not opposed to medication when it’s necessary. I am opposed to going in that direction too quickly.

As my daughter prepared to go away for college, a wonderful counselor and EMDR therapy kept her moving in a good direction. But what I really wanted was to find a solution that she could use on her own, without a therapist, when her anxiety spiked. When she left for college in the fall of 2013. I was concerned that being away from home in a very competitive environment could lead to more anxiety for her. Unfortunately, I was right. As her anxiety began to increase, I had an unexpected divine appointment in Franklin, TN. While attending a conference there, I purchased a continuing education course that included information about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Intrigued by what I had learned, I began a deep dive into EFT. The next time my daughter came home for a weekend visit, I taught her the basic self-help technique.  She was skeptical but willing. We were both surprised by the positive result. She returned to school a couple of days later with a bit of confidence that she would be ok, and I had a glimpse of hope that maybe we were on to something.

Within a month of sharing EFT with my daughter, I started the training to become a Certified EFT Practitioner. At the time I didn’t have a clear picture of how I would use the certification. My background was in information technology, real estate, and business coaching. As it unfolded, it became the foundation of my current coaching business and what I consider my life’s work. My daughter learned a lot more about EFT throughout her college career and used it to manage stress and anxiety. She has since finished college and started her career in another city. When anxiety creeps in, she is equipped to handle it. My youngest daughter used EFT extensively in her athletic career, and it helped her achieve some significant goals. She is still using the technique now in her career as a professional performer. After becoming certified, I began teaching and coaching others how to use the techniques. Over the last 5 years, I’ve added other mind-body techniques to my coaching program as well. I’ve worked with students, athletes, performers, young professionals, and others who struggle with various forms of performance anxiety.

Here are some examples (some of the client names have been changed):


The first time I met Blake he was a very discouraged young man. Anxiety attacks were preventing him from driving his car. He had recently resigned from his job because he could no longer drive to work. Blake learned to use EFT to reduce the physiological response his body was having while driving, and he was able to gain clarity about the root of the problem. He put his new skills into practice daily and soon he was back on the road and working again.


Emma, a 9th grader, was referred to me by her school guidance counselor.  She had been struggling with anxiety off and on for a couple of years, and it had recently become worse. She resisted going to school every day, and she refused to eat lunch in the lunchroom because it made her extremely anxious.  For months she had been eating lunch in a classroom with a teacher who volunteered to sit with her during lunch period each day. After working with me for a couple of sessions, Emma was able to use her new skills and join her friends in the lunchroom. Once that was accomplished, we worked together for a few more sessions, which helped her gain perspective and confidence in social situations.


When Amber contacted me, she was stationed in the U.K. and at risk of losing her career in the U.S. military. She was experiencing anxiety in her work as a Flight Deck Operations Officer. Unable to hide it any longer, she reported the problem to her military branch, who required that she be monitored by their mental health professionals. In her line of work, medication is not an option. If meds were necessary to control her anxiety, she would lose her position. Faced with that devastating possibility, she reached out to me. As we worked together, Amber learned to use her new skills to lower her performance anxiety in pressure situations. It is an on-going effort because she lives and works in a high stress environment. She now has tools she can use on her own when needed. She was subsequently cleared to retain her position and is no longer being monitored.

Work with Brenda Cordle

Brenda Cordle


I understand the critical role emotional wellness plays in achieving one’s goals. I teach my clients leading edge tools that allow them to improve their skills and perform at their optimal level when it matters most. I am a Certified EFT Coach. EFT is a mind-body method being used by professional and amateur athletes and performers around the world for improved performance!

Prior to becoming a coach, I spent over 30 years in the IT and Real Estate industries, first as a corporate employee and then as a business owner.  I attended my first coach training at On Purpose University in Winter Park, FL in 2005.  I coached clients on a part-time basis while running a real estate and consulting businesses until 2011, when I decided to make coaching my main focus.  In 2012 I attended the Coaching With Excellence program in Franklin, TN and became an “Endorsed Coach” with the 48days.com organization under the leadership of best-selling author and well known career coach, Dan Miller.

My initial work as a coach was focused on small business owners and women in career transition.  In 2013 I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques® and found it to be a very effective tool to help clients reach their most challenging performance goals.  I became a Certified EFT Practitioner in 2014, and it was the catalyst that launched my business in a new direction. I am passionate about my work and I care deeply about my clients and their desire to reach their personal best level of performance in sports, on stage, and in life.  That passion comes from my own journey of overcoming self-doubt and low expectations of myself, which were born out of childhood trauma.  I am so grateful to now be able to serve others in a way that combines my love of coaching, sports, personal development, and emotional wellness.

I am an avid reader, brain science geek, sports fanatic, natural health nut, recreational runner, and dog lover.  For over 10 years, I have been a volunteer ministry leader working with women overcoming emotional wounds and childhood trauma.  I live in the Columbus, Ohio area.  I am married to Don, have two adult daughters, Madi and Meg, and two bulldogs, Chucky and Bentley.  I am a graduate of Otterbein University.