“The difference in the way I competed before working with Brenda to learn EFT and now is like night and day. AfteTroy002r learning these techniques, I can finally skate as well in competition as I do when I’m practicing.”

 –Megan C., Age 16, 2014 USFS National Solo Ice Dance Pre-Gold National Champion, Junior Combined Silver Medalist

jeff_tooleyI had been working on reaching a double-under jump rope goal for about 6 months. Each time I would get close, I could feel myself tensing up. After Brenda’s EFT workshop at our CrossFit gym, I decided to try using the technique.  It worked!  I reached my goal just one week later using EFT.  

-–Jeff Tooley, Big Thompson CrossFit, Loveland, CO


Brenda is a gifted and Godly coach with an extraordinary ability to help others overcome obstacles to make positive changes that are literally life-altering. She is professional yet caring, acting as both nonjudgmental sounding board and respectful supporter while helping her clients recognize opportunities and inspiring them to action.”    — Jan O’Daniel

 “I highly recommend Brenda Cordle to you as a speaker, seminar leader, and coach. You will find her personable, poised, articulate, and engaging. Her instruction and guidance will be consistently practical, energizing, and empowering. Furthermore, her personal and professional conduct will reflect a level of integrity that is rare today. “  —Joyce Strong, International Author & Speaker