A Tale of Two Briefcases


For many years I carried two briefcases. One was filled with all things necessary for my real job, and the other was filled with things I loved to work on when I’m wasn’t working. Briefcase #1 was beautiful on the outside. Its contents changed over the years as my business and consulting positions changed. The things inside that briefcase were important, but I can’t say I was passionate about them. Briefcase#2, on the other hand, contained the things I love. Tattered and worn copies of the books, articles, and journals about my favorite topics could be found there. The latest books about business, personal development, and spiritual topics were there. Boring to many, but fascinating to me. Briefcase #2 was not beautiful in appearance. It was typically a used variety, a recycled briefcase #1. Only my family and closest friends saw it, so it did not need to be presentable, and it was most often found in my car. As the Mom of two active daughters, I did a lot of driving. I always kept the trusty, old briefcase #2 at my side so I could read between drop-offs and pick-ups. And so it went for years…my life with two briefcases.

On a memorable autumn day in 2012, I downsized to one briefcase. While driving home after completing my last corporate consulting assignment, I glanced over at both brief cases perched on my passenger seat. I smiled as I realized that I wouldn’t need two briefcases any more. I had already begun my coaching business and had been in transition for months. At last, all the things I loved could be transferred to briefcase #1. I was filled with gratitude.

Are you carrying your passion around like I did for years? What do you have in your briefcase #2? Or maybe it’s in a box, or your trunk, or in a dream you’ve carried in your heart for as long as you can remember. Could it be time for you to merge your passion and your work? Yes, it’s possible!
photo credit: _limoe via photopin cc